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At the Arizona Alliance for Adolescent Health (The Alliance), we believe individuals working with youth benefit from opportunities for strategic and collective action that has lasting impact on adolescent’s health and wellbeing.

Adolescence is a critical stage of development during which foundations for lifelong health and wellbeing are established. These foundations have long-term implications for youth development and are impacted by a complex interplay of physical, emotional, social, and environmental factors.

Adolescents have long dealt with significant gaps in the delivery of clinical and preventive services across Arizona’s health systems. These barriers to delivering high quality, developmentally appropriate and comprehensive health services to youth often result in health inequities, poorly coordinated care, and missed opportunities for health promotion and disease prevention.

Arizona Alliance for Adolescent Health - About Us

To address these barriers, Affirm (formerly Arizona Family Health Partnership) assembled The Alliance, a statewide coalition of youth-serving individuals and organizations across medical, behavioral, and social service sectors. The Alliance has identified a distinct opportunity to improve adolescent health: expand adolescents’ access to high quality healthcare and social services, and improve coordination of care and service delivery across these systems.

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Our Team

Tracy Pedrotti

Tracy Pedrotti (she/her) is the Adolescent Health Program Supervisor at Affirm, where she oversees projects that build...

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Celeste Krell-Colum

Celeste Krell-Colum (she/her) has 6 years in the medical field, with 3 of those years being in sexual and reproductive health...

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Veenod Chulani

Veenod Chulani (he/him) is Clinical Consultant for the Arizona Alliance for Adolescent Health. Dr. Chulani, MD, MSED...

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