Become a Champion for Adolescent Health

Adolescents need access to high-quality healthcare services to achieve optimal health and wellbeing, providing them an opportunity to thrive as they transition into adulthood.

The Adolescent Champion Model (ACM) builds the capacity of health centers to provide high quality, youth-centered care with the goal of improving the healthcare experience for youth and young adults. Participation in the ACM allows health centers to assess and address barriers in order to improve healthcare delivery for adolescents.

How it works

The Adolescent Champion Model (ACM) is an 18-month program designed to address the unique healthcare needs of young people. The ACM includes a comprehensive assessment, customized resources, patient and staff evaluations, professional development, and tailored technical assistance to reduce barriers and increase opportunities for success.

Champion health centers participating in the ACM with Affirm reported improvements in:

  • Provider knowledge of confidential care for minors.
  • Physical spaces being more welcoming for adolescents.
  • Gathering feedback from adolescent patients for clinic improvements.
PCH Pride

The team at Phoenix Children’s Hospital wears these shirts as a visual reminder of their pride in caring for a diverse patient population in their adolescent practice, including LGBTQ youth and young adults.

Opportunities for participants

Professional development and training on adolescent-centered care.

Improvements in health center appearance, policies, practices, and culture.

Interdisciplinary collaboration to drive organizational change.

Opportunity for CME, MOC Part IV, and QI projects.

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Looking for Adolescent-Friendly Care?

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